Contacts and Allys


Russ Callhoun: A long time friend of Illyana, Russ is a biologist currently working at the Coal Orbital Research Station (CORS). He is socially awkward, bashful, loyal, and enthusiastic.

Thomas Duluhan: Illyana’s ex-boyfriend, currently works in Riraliza Corporate HR. He is self important, prideful, and giving.

Arnam Robid: Jack’s lab assistant. Rose to administrative duty at CORS. He is quiet, serious, and adheres to the rules.

Hans Rusch: The lawyer who worked on Ulli’s case case, but ultimately did not win. He is excitable, addled, and a fast-talker.

Floyd Harper: A councilman on the standing Luquapin military tribunal. Granted Kell a TAS membership when he mustered out. He is guilty, progressive, ponderous, and thoughtful.


Cleo Novak: Illyana’s mother, now retired and living on Coal. She is severe, strict, vain, and upper class.

Michael _: Jack’s brother. Started travelling when Jack was just getting out of school. Whereabouts unknown. Part of the crew of ‘The Peridot’.

Jens and Marena Brejenski: Ulli’s parents, still working at a farm collective on Xek. Jens is stern, Marena is doting.

Troy Harris: A space drifter and aging hippy. Helped Ulli get back on his feet after being ejected from the military. He is collected, calm, and mello.

Travis Kiegman: Kell’s childhood friend from Riraliza. Entered the service and mustered out at about the same time as Kell. Current whereabouts unknown. He is happy-go-lucky, reckless, and loyal.

Contacts and Allys

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