The site of the most pivotal battle in the Credit War, in which ground infantry and heavy infantry companies fought to capture anti-orbital batteries to open the way for bombardment.

Size / Gravity: 14,400 km / 1.25gs

Atmosphere: Thin,low. N2/O2 settles in lowlands and higher altitudes are almost unbreathable.

Temperature: Temperate – hot. Liquid water.

Hydrographics: Small seas.

Population: Thousands

Government: Representative Democracy Faction 1: Populationists: support attempts to expand industry to bring in outworld colonization. Faction 2: Castlers: In favor of trade and agriculture.

Law Level / Illegal Goods: 1 / Dangerous Narcotics, Poison Gas, Explosives, Undetectable Weapons, WMDs, Dangerous Psionic talents must be registered with the state.


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