Rivals and Enemies


Darlene Veich: A professor who attached herself to Illyena sensing her rise to success. Feels like she should be getting more credit for teaching Illyena. She is self-aggrandizing, egotistical, and ruthless.

Anthony Reid: A scientific rival of Jack’s. Both he and Jack worked on a planetology project together but it was Jack who submitted a paper on the topic first. There is a lot of bad blood between the two former coworkers. He is angry, intelligent, and outspoken.

Roy Tamis: A free merchant who’s ship almost killed Ulli during a careless docking procedure. Resents Ulli for pressing charges. He is stupid but wealthy and well-connected.

Rutherford Andevis: A member of the Luquapin military tribunal and the uncle of Bishop Andevis. He helped to convict Ulli when it was his nephew to blame for the disaster. He is decadent, selfish, and abusive of his power.


Bishop Andevis: A member of Ulli’s squad during the credit war. Stole and sold military supplies leading to a disastrous battle. Blamed Ulli for the crime and eventually got him ejected from the service. He is mean, opportunistic, and spoiled.

Rodger Eon: A high ranking rebel officer during the credit war, he made use of dangerous and cruel weapons in ship to ship combat, at one point killing several men in Kell’s squad. Sold out rebels and retired from the conflict a hero. He is intelligent, profiteering, business minded, and evil.

Rivals and Enemies

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