Sector Laws

A note on the following

All references to the bank are referring to Tagat Federal, the sector’s imperial bank, and not to any planets’ individual banks.

Imperial Laws

Laws come in two varieties: Planetary and Imperial. Planetary laws only apply when within a radius of the planet in question and have a tendency towards being far more strict and specific than imperial laws. Imperial laws are sometimes referred to as “common sense laws” as for the most part they only deal with murder and theft. If it seems like it would be illegal, it probably is.

Piracy Laws

Every ship has an identification code that attaches it to the ship’s name and its owners. If a ship is found to be a pirate they are marked in public access databases. Pirates have all rights as citizens of the empire revoked. It is illegal to harbor a marked ship at any starport. It is legal to fire upon pirate ships unprovoked. Pirate activity is to be reported to an imperial base as soon as possible. Pirate salvage belongs to its rightful owner, if no owner can be found, it belongs to the bank. Being marked as a pirate usually occurs after a particular ship has broken imperial law in a severe or violent way. Travelling on a marked ship is akin to a death sentence. The only way to remove the mark of piracy is to turn in the ship and crew to the authorities, or provide proof of the crew’s death. Pirates turning themselves in are usually given fair trial, but required to divulge information regarding pirate operations.

Salvage Laws

Travellers are required to report all salvage to imperial authorities to be returned to its proper owners. If no proper owner can lay claim to the salvage, the Travellers may keep it. However, all ships salvaged belong to the bank, or to whomever the ship’s primary debt-holder is. The sector bank pays a variable finders-fee for all salvage, usually equal to 1-10% of the salvage’s worth. Finding salvage that has an identifiable owner and not registering it is considered by most courts to be akin to theft.


Crimes committed within a planets atmosphere are tried by the courts of that planet. Crimes committed in space are tried by imperial court. Imperial crimes committed on lawless planets are also tried in imperial court.

Sector Laws

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